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What color of underwear will you be wearing? And the things we do for luck in business.

“Panties not best thing on earth but next to best thing on earth.” — Chinese Proverb

I’m not typically a believer but just in case the Chinese people got it right I’ve bought fresh-new red undies to wear on the 1st of February, Chinese New Year. As per tradition, doing so will bring you luck. And I do see a lot of Orientals in LA who seem to have struck luck… loads of it.

However, my data-leaning, marketing-oriented brain as always is telling me to go beyond the silly practices of old… so red panties begone… and on to what’s happening now in the market. It’s time to rewrite the practices that we do to get lucky, not in the way you’re thinking, but in the business sense… and perhaps life in general.

There’s a few that could go on my do-for-luck list… start with a plan, do your research, network, have an online presence, keep learning, etc. And if you’ve been following my blogs, you can find all these tips on my previous articles. But like Baz Luhrmann advocating for sunscreen… if I could offer you only one tip for good fortune, it would be to DELEGATE, DELEGATE, and DELEGATE some more.

What is delegation?

Delegation is when you ask someone else to perform business related tasks for you.

Why is it important?

When you delegate things that you don’t need to do personally, you free up time that may be more valuable for certain tasks that require your expertise and energy.

By not delegating, you place a heavy burden on yourself. You can become so overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that you lose focus on your goals and your health may suffer.

Who do you delegate to?

This is always a tricky question for business owners — but it ultimately comes down to someone you trust and someone you have worked with or have been highly recommended to you.

If you find that the person you picked is not the best person for the task and, in some instances, you may have to redo their work, don’t give yourself a hard time or resign never to share work again. Delegation takes practice and next time will be better.

To find the people to support you, you must give them opportunities to prove their abilities.

What do you delegate?

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you have had to assume various roles and wear many hats. But as the owner of your business, you should be focused on four things: developing plans and strategies, revenue generating activities, working with clients, and creating products and programs. Outside of these tasks, delegate!

For small business owners, here are a few of the most common tasks to delegate.

  • Administrative tasks

  • Traditional and internet marketing, social media maintenance and marketing

  • Website design, development and computer support

  • Accounting and bookkeeping tasks

  • Lead generation and email management

  • Shipping, receiving and inventory management

How do you get started?

The best thing for you to do is start small. Hire someone for a few hours a week or a month and give them a task that you find hard to get done. For me, it was my social media. I could not stay consistent on putting relevant content on the platforms where my ideal audience are active on, so that was the first thing I delegated.

If you are at the point where you are ready to expand your business, then make a list of all the activities in your business and find someone else to accomplish 80% of them.

Here’s my personal experience at delegating

It was difficult for a business and marketing expert like me to admit, but I am pretty much inept at digital marketing and social media for the most part. Of course, I understand in principle the intricacies of the approach and critical importance in today’s digital business world…but not the implementation aspect of it.

From my networking group I found a digital marketing expert to do magic on my dreary online presence. And magic, she did! My digital marketing VA, Tess Maribao, has single-handedly put my small business on the map and on everyone’s online radar. Reach out to her at — let her know I sent you!

So just as we are committed to holding on to rituals and traditions that are believed to bring us luck, let us be just as committed to working hard together to get to a place where luck can find us.

For more business tips, check out my other blogs. And email us for help with marketing and branding for your small business.

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