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Biz Made EZ believes that every business has the power to reach their full potential. Are you ready? Join hundreds of satisfied clients, and learn what sets Biz Made EZ apart from other industry consultants.



We work on understanding your business, your opportunities and your marketing strategy.  And with our expertise, we can review your current marketing/advertising efforts as it relates to your brand and your target market.

And the best thing is we offer the first-hour consultation for FREE.



The better you know your business the easier it is to dominate your market niche.

We will help you define and focus on your target audience by working with you step by step and providing you with tools to enable you to connect with your clients and dominate the industry.



We research trends as well as conduct in-depth analysis of the company's approach. Once complete, we develop an appropriate roadmap - corresponding initiatives that can be implemented by the internal team or overseen remotely.


We help to transform an idea into a tangible product or service that will address the needs of your target audience.

We analyze company specific information along with key industry resources to determine industry trends and appropriate product/service introduction strategy. This will also include identifying specific market approaches, target market specifications and corresponding social media.


When combined with client’s vision, we can explode the existing market


Hi! I’m Debbie and I’m a marketing and branding consultant.


Small businesses are close to my heart for so many reasons. As a business coach and owner myself, I have seen how entrepreneurs work tirelessly, create new jobs, drive innovation, and give back to the community. All the while, sacrificing their personal time, and risking even their personal savings in order to make their dreams happen. The personal stories of their journey to success are awe-inspiring, to say the least, fraught with numerous challenges and oftentimes with limited resources.


So, with my expert knowledge in marketing and branding and my background as a business advisor of Small Business Development Council (SBDC) and a resource for the California Manufacturing Technology Consultant (CMTC), I started Biz Made EZ, a boutique business consulting firm. Our mission is to provide top level professional advice given to “the bigs” for “the small” from start, launch, fund, and management of the business. In this way they are able to successfully build, grow, and sustain their enterprise… and because they deserve it.


If you are a small business owner and need help with marketing strategy, product/market development, and branding and positioning, call me.

Let’s talk!




Washington University in St. Louis – Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History

University of Missouri in Columbia – Master of Business Administration



  • Business Advisor – Small Business Development Center (SBDC), El Camino

  • Resource – California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)

  • SBDC advisor of record for Culver City, Beverly Hills, and LAX Coastal Chambers of Commerce

  • Present and teaches at the CalState/USC incubator and business classes

  • Regular blogs



Paving The Way

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I was always told that if you want to become an entrepreneur, you should have a great team around you. One of my team members is Debbie Goldfarb. She is one of those straight shooters – sharing numbers and backing it up with research about how she came about to these numbers. We all as business owners like to see the numbers. And the numbers tell us a story. And she’s able to paint a picture in the direction that you’re travelling. She’s that kind of person.

Murphy Witherspoon/Entrepreneur



If you’re looking to reimagine, reinvent and re-engineer your business, look no further. Fill out the form to get started today!

5412 Janisann Ave Culver City CA 90230

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