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Welcome to Harry Potter’s forbidden journey ride of your life

“No good sittin’ worryin’ about it. What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.” — Hagrid

I don’t know about you — but our world today reminds me of Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey Ride at the Universal Studios in Hollywood. I remember anxiously waiting on the long line to get to the ride and every step through classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts getting me more scared and excited at the same time. The warning sign that says, “Warning! This ride simulates dramatic aerobatics. The ride vehicle will suddenly accelerate, stop, turn, climb, and drop” only intensifies the unease.

While not necessarily appropriate for small children or the elderly — it certainly seems appropriate in today’s world of hurricanes, wildfires, pandemics, BLM protests, technostress and quickly changing political & economic situations.

Even with all that, marketing and advertising is more important than ever before.

Gone are the days of sheer dumb luck planning & success. This is the time for re-evaluation, research, and re-engineering your approach. To go-forward, we need to live through these times, keep our wits about us and identify previously untapped markets. Yes, consumer behavior has changed. Yes, remote delivery is critical. Yes, all things digital is imperative — but wait — Yes, there are still plenty of opportunities — if you only knew where to look…

You must search for them…in your own Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey.

To find these hidden gems…

  1. Read the Wall Street Journal and the local paper daily.

  2. Listen to podcasts.

  3. Attend webinars and online training.

  4. Watch cable news (yes, that means MSNBC and CNN) and various mobile streaming channels (like the Huffington Post)

  5. And if you really want to expand your thoughts and expertise, check out Tik Tok (mind you, it’s not the pencil and paper game with the big hashtag symbol as board) — 20 million Gen Zers can’t be wrong.

Why am I recommending all of this? Because information, especially current information is critical to uncover your golden opportunity. Without understanding just how quickly trends are changing in respect to market/consumer behavior you cannot go forward. You will be stuck on Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey . You need to navigate through these harrowing times to find your way.

This means uncovering and incorporating the latest technology or delivery systems — from Blockchain to contactless check-out. This means listening to your employees, the community or market to capture and integrate the latest innovative technology. And, yes, pay attention to those fad-establishing Millennials — as they are your New Normal!

With COVID-19, our normal way of doing business has been disrupted. However, if you look hard enough, this maybe a blessing in disguise. No, it is not magic and wizardry, but if you are able to adjust and develop new ways to conduct business, just like in 2008, the strong not only survive, but continue to get stronger.

Keep in mind — people are still need of products & services — even if the daily routines have changed. Coffee is still coffee whether you commute to work or to your home office. We still need groceries, plumbers, cleaning supplies, oil changes, hair cuts, dog groomers and other basic needs. With extra time on our hands, we are researching businesses that offer curbside pickup, mobile services, or delivery.

And, during this period of self-quarantine, social distancing and working from home, where is your target market? They are planted in front of the TV, computer, tablet, or phone. When this captive audience looks for information or seeks escapism, they turn to a screen. So, with increased viewership & increased streaming there is more opportunity than ever before to reach qualified prospects and reconnect with your existing customer base.

Ok — things aren’t great…but, they aren’t so bad either — -research, re-engineer and reinvigorate your business — after all isn’t that the point of marketing & advertising.

For help uncovering new opportunities or reaching your audience, email us at Let’s talk!

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