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Unleash Your Brand's Inner Cinderella: Mastering the Ball of Brand Personality

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Cinderella who dreamed of dazzling everyone at the royal ball. With a little help from her fairy godmother and her team of fairies--Cinderella transformed into the belle of the ball, capturing hearts with her grace, charm and her incredible grand exit.

In the business world, the ball in this fairy tale isn't so different. It's the ultimate marketplace where brands, decked in their finest identities, vie for the spotlight and the affection of the prince—consumers and investors. Just as Cinderella used her unique charm to stand out, your brand needs to be the belle of the ball. Let’s explore how to craft a brand personality so captivating that it leaves the market spellbound, turning fleeting glances and left behind glass slippers into lasting engagements.

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: Embracing Your Brand’s Magic:

Fairy Godmother’s Touch: Embrace Individuality

Just as Cinderella was transformed by her Fairy Godmother’s magic, your brand needs that spark of individuality to shine at the ball. Don’t let your brand blend into the background. Understand your brand’s core values and unique traits to develop a personality that twinkles and captivates your audience.

Fit for a Glass Slipper: Tailor Your Visual Identity

Imagine Cinderella at the ball, but instead of a stunning blue gown, she wears something drab. Would she have captured everyone’s attention? Unlikely. Your brand’s visual identity is no different--opt for colors, fonts, and logos that make your brand’s personality the belle of the ball.

The Royal Ball: Make Your Voice Heard

At the royal ball, Cinderella used her charm, grace and conversation. For your brand, the tone and language can be just as charming. Whether it’s through captivating storytelling or witty social posts, ensure your brand’s voice enhances its personality, making every message a memorable dialogue (and perhaps a date with a royal prince)

Dance Through Social Media: Be the Life of the Party

Social media is your ballroom. Dance through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with posts that reflect your brand’s unique character. Engage with your audience through content that resonates—be it through humor, inspiration, or informative posts. Let your brand’s personality lead the dance and captivate the hearts of your followers.

The Clock Strikes Midnight: Surprise and Delight Your Audience

The best moments of Cinderella’s story were the unexpected ones—the magical transformation, the enchanting carriage, the perfect fit of the glass slipper. Similarly, surprise your customers with unexpected delights that make their interaction with your brand magical. These could be personalized experiences, unexpected gifts, or unique services that make them feel truly special.

Lessons from the Castle’s Characters:

  1. Gus Gus, Fairy Godmother, and Teamwork: Just as Cinderella needed the unwavering support of her mouse friend Gus Gus and her fairy godmother to prepare for the ball, work with your dedicated team to harness their collective creativity to craft a brand personality that shines brightly in the marketplace.

  2. Evil Stepmother and Strategic Thinking: Learn what not to do from the stepmother’s misguided actions. Approach your branding with kindness and strategic insight, ensuring your brand is remembered for all the right reasons.

  3. The Stepsisters and Competitive Edge: In every fairy tale, there are obstacles, much like the competitive hurdles you face in business. Cinderella capitalized on her stepsister's shortcomings to capture & create her own authentic brand. Use your competitors' weaknesses to your advantage by highlighting your strengths in differentiating your brand.

  4. Prince Charming’s Search: Just as the prince searched the kingdom for Cinderella, ensure your brand efforts connect with your audience, and the best channel to do so.

At Biz Made EZ, we believe every brand has a Cinderella story waiting to be told. If you’re ready to let your brand step into its glass slippers and dazzle at the ball, email us at

We’re here to sprinkle some fairy dust on your marketing and branding efforts. Cheers to a brand personality that’s fun, clever, and impossible to ignore!

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