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Valentine’s Day 2024: The Love Hangover

Ah, Valentine's Day has come and gone, leaving in its wake a trail of wilting roses, half-eaten chocolates, and perhaps a few love-struck souls still floating on cloud nine. Despite it being a truly corny holiday, Valentine's Day is our day of love. Whether we participate in this commercialized affection, Valentine's Day is a heavyweight in the annual shopping calendar.

Let's crunch the post-Valentine numbers and see how love – and consumerism – played out in recent years.

38.39% view it as a sweet reminder of romance.

33.23% see no need for a specific day to declare their love.

16.13% call it an artificial occasion, a concoction by those cunning marketing folks.

And let's not forget the gems from our previous years' findings:

14% of women send flowers to themselves (because why not?).

3% of pet owners make sure their fur babies aren't left out.

Condom sales soar, and so do the sales of home pregnancy tests come March.

Surprisingly, 64% of men are last-minute planners for Valentine's Day.

And a staggering 53% of women might reconsider their relationship status based on their V-Day haul.

But here's the kicker: COVID or not, Valentine's Day remains a retail bonanza and cloaking products in red or boxing them in hearts---Quite Simply Work

2024: The Year Valentine’s Day Got Its Groove Back

With the pandemic shadows receding, 2024 is poised to be a landmark year for Valentine's Day revelers and skeptics alike. An anticipated 136 million Americans are gearing up to spend an average of $192.50 each on everything from romantic gestures for partners to acknowledgment of friends, coworkers, and pets, aiming for a grand total of $26 billion. That's a whole lot of love (and money) circulating, including the following trendsetters.

  1. Candy continued to reign supreme with 57% exchanging sugary treats.

  2. Greeting cards remained strong at 40%, because words do seem to speak louder.

  3. Flowers and an evening out are always a welcome treat keeping florists afloat and restaurants busy.

  4. And, of course, jewelry, clothing, and gift cards rounded this year's list of preferred tokens of affection.

And for those who noticed just how pricey Valentine's Day candy was this year, did you notice the 157% markup of Hershey's and Reese's this year for their VD-specific candies and the 267% market increase for those specialty candy makers. 

Valentine's Day Beyond the Norm: Unusual Gifts Making Waves in 2024

Forget the clichés; 2024 was all about unique and memorable gifts:

  1. Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey and Jay Fielden introduced ‘Mal-Entine’s’ cards for the cynically romantic.

  2. Dr. Ruth teamed up with Whipshots for a campaign that added quite a bit of spice to the festivities.

  3. Denny’s offered a twist on friendship with their ‘Friends with Benny’s’ campaign.

  4. Olay and Kat Stickler launched the Galentine’s Hotline, which many swore saved them from post-breakup text regret.

  5. Topo Chico Hard Seltzer took the cake (or should we say, the scorpion?) this year with their edible arachnid gifts.

Lessons for the Lovelorn and Lovepreneurs Alike

Whether you're a Valentine's enthusiast, a skeptic, or a savvy business owner, there's no denying the impact this holiday along with so many others has on consumer behavior and business opportunities. The key? Innovation, creativity, and a dash of humor are always a welcome treat and tools to turn almost any holiday into a marketing win.


Feeling inspired or intrigued? Share this with someone who loves consumerism at its finest...If you're looking to make your mark this season with standout branding and marketing, email me at Let's spread consumerism and holiday opportunities together!

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