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The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Technophobia

“Life was so much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits.”

I know of family and friends who are still reminiscing back to the day when we were not supposed to use calculators in class (because it’s cheating). They are often called names like technophobe, techno challenged, technostressed among others and they are a constant object of jokes and teasing at gatherings.

Here are some of the funniest things they say and do as gathered from personal experience and the internet.

  1. Thinks Facebook is required high school reading.

  2. Plays TikTok as a pen and paper game (duh? Are we missing the “toe”).

  3. Stares at desktop when it says, “press any key to start.” Responds with, “where is “any” key?”

  4. Does video calls which are mostly a live streaming of earlobes and close-ups of a moving mouth.

  5. Responds to screen saying the password is incorrect and ask, “is it spelled with 1 or 2 “r’s”?

  6. Takes 20 minutes on Zoom — before realizing they are on mute or unmute.

  7. Writes an email, sends it before reviewing it…and in panic, turns the power off and unplug the desktop to abort the sending of it.

  8. Buddy takes a photo from their smart phone — says, “Make sure you take two pictures so you can give one to me.”

If you are an entrepreneur in the time of the global pandemic and lockdown, the only option is to adapt to digital technology ASAP.

Bill Gates was not kidding when he said,

“If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.”

After laughing (or cussing) it out the key is to overcome the fear, here are a few ways that can help you get over it.

  • Go to YouTube/Google to find video tutorials and how-to articles and blogs.

  • Subscribe to Lynda, Udemy and other similar sites to take online learning courses.

  • Use IT professionals to setup your desktop, laptop and other tech gadgets and install the necessary software and security.

  • Call the software customer service hotline or chat desk when something seems to be not working.

  • Hire a calm and tech-savvy virtual assistant for digital tasks

The trick is to explore, have fun and find the right partners to conquer your fear of technology. Who knows what you will discover, learn and create — one click at a time.

For help with re-imagining and re-engineering your business, email us at Let’s talk!

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