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Marketing in the COVID-19 era

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

As the face of the business, marketing teams will need to quickly adapt their messaging to suit new customer needs, wants, and expectations. Now, more than ever, marketers must stay agile as they work through a period of utter uncertainty.

However, this is not the first time the businesses have been pushed to their limits, and it will not be the last. In this blog, we look at what it takes to manage a team, brand, and business through a crisis and the tools and strategies to make it possible.

Facts that we do know:

· Media consumption is increasing in non-traditional channels—streaming

· COVID-19 poses a serious threat to our media ecosystem

· Past beliefs about consumer behavior have changed—

· The need to adjust content and messaging is critical

  1. How can I build a steady stream of customers with brand loyalty advertising? Highlight how your brand is making impact in the community or demonstrating new ways to use your products

  2. How can my brand connect with how people are feeling and experiencing COVID-19? It’s essential to quickly adapt content to changing times and demonstrate ways to meet new customer needs.

And, now more than ever, marketers need to re-envision their existing approach to:

  • Adapt marketing plan and messaging to align with new expectations: How can you pivot to meet new customer needs?

  • Take an agile approach to project management: What tools/strategies will help marketing team collaborate better and plan with ease?

  • Get the culture right: What values, principles, and behaviors will help the team to be healthy and productive?

  • If you’ve had a business in a face-to-face environment, how quickly can you transition to digital sales model?

But, its more than that… Successful Marketing and Communication begins with customer understanding. Determining what customers want from your marketing, your products, and your company is hard enough, COVID-19 has changed what our customers want. We must refine our customer theory.

What you thought you knew... you don’t know anymore: New testing will be required—just as when the business first launched.

The only thing scarier than change is not changing: And, we must change along with them. Flexibility will be key.

For businesses to survive in this COVID-19 era & beyond - Recognize and embrace changes that has taken or will be taking place in every aspect of our lives.

We can’t stick to the old way of doing things. The paradigm has changed for marketing and our messaging. It’s time to return to basics.

Get started with marketing efforts and communications that are sensitive and empathetic. One that shows leadership, is open, honest and transparent to consumers.

If you are ready to get on with the times but not sure where to start, contact us. Let's talk!

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