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Heroes among us — everyday people

“I am Wonder Woman… I wonder where I left my keys, how I put weight on, where I put my phone. I often wonder why I wonder.”

Iused to think that my only heroes wore capes and were faster than a speeding bullet kind of way. In today’s world they are real people, mere mortals like you and me. Only, that they do extraordinary things for other people — saving lives, making the world a better place, and promoting peace. With Thanksgiving just around the corner — I would like to say thanks to some of those everyday heroes:

1. Voters (in-person, mail-in or provisional) — even in the face of a massive voter suppression, people mailed-in, showed up, stood in line for hours to make sure that their vote is counted. As a matter of fact, we had the largest number of votes ever to be cast in the history of the US.

  1. Election officials and volunteers — who tirelessly worked to ensure that our elections were accurate, safe & secure

  2. Journalists and News Commentators — for keeping us informed with up-to-date and inclusive coverage

  3. Front-line workers — our doctors, nurses, hospital workers, paramedics who risk their lives and that of their families to bring comfort and healing to those afflicted.

  4. Postal workers, UPS and FedEx employees — for delivering mail, packages & online “pick-me-up” purchases

  5. Firefighters — for risking their lives in fighting historic wildfires throughout the West Coast.

  6. Educators & Teachers — for providing remote classes & “socially distanced” in-person classes

  7. Essential workers — The grocers, pharmacists, veterinarians, gas station attendants, bus drivers, caregivers, security guards, garbage collectors, etc.

  8. Food/groceries delivery — most especially the pizza guy.

  9. Our four-legged family members — dogs, cats, horses, etc. for they keep us from feeling lonely while stuck at home.

I’m sure there are hundreds… no thousands more of them. As long as there are people who go beyond their personal interests for the good of the community, there will be hope for better days.

As businesspeople, we too have abilities to be everyday heroes. Despite being badly hit by the economic crisis that came with the coronavirus, there is a multitude of opportunities to help address the needs of people in our communities. The key to finding that opportunity…

  • Be socially aware — in other words, be woke. Keep abreast of current events and social issues.

  • Get closer with your community — Look around you, listen carefully, cultivate deeper relationships with people and pitch-in.

  • Use your strength — help your audience in ways that are consistent with your brand.

  • Be resilient — be sensitive to the needs of people around you as they change with the crisis.

  • Pivot — reinvent your business model to address the changes.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” — Christopher Reeve

For help with finding opportunities and reinventing your business, email us at or visit our website Let’s talk!

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