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Investing in Women: Supporting Female Entrepreneurs for a Better Future

Just a woman? Oh, hell no! Women are not “just” anything. In fact, we’re badass. From Abigail Adams to Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth to Rosa Parks, we have been at the forefront of history-making moments in our country, breaking down barriers, and challenging gender stereotypes in many areas of society.

Here are some fun facts to prove just how amazing we are:

  1. The two highest IQ scores in recorded history belong to women.

  2. Girls’ brains generally mature two years earlier than boys'.

  3. Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were built by women: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were planted by the Assyrian Queen Semiramis; and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was built by Artemisia, queen of Caria.

  4. Women talk more than men do. A recent study shows that women say on average 13,000 more words per day than men.

  5. 40% of families with children have mothers as the singular or principal breadwinner. (In these homes, women bring home the bacon, cook, and serve it too).

In business, women have been breaking stereotypes as well. From tech startups to manufacturing companies, women entrepreneurs have been dominating the business world and breaking into male-dominated spaces. With a growth rate of 114% since the early 2000s-women-owned businesses today employ 9.4M people and generate over $1.8T in revenue. Additionally, 42% (13M) of all US businesses are owned by women. Now--that's definitely what I call a "Can Do It" attitude.

Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Below, you will find a list of businesswomen who have overcome incredible odds and now have a net worth of $1B+:

  • Diane Hendricks: Net worth $11B-Ms. Hendricks is co-founder/chairman of ABC Supply-largest US wholesale distributor of roofing,siding,and windows

  • Lynda Resnick: Net worth $5B, Ms. Resnick (along with her husband Stewart) founded The Wonderful Company. Under this umbrella—notable brands include—POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Teleflora company, and others

  • Oprah Winfrey: Net worth $2.6B, Ms. Oprah is not only one of the most famous, but one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry.

  • Sheryl Sandberg: Net worth $1.68B, Ms Sandberg is another powerhouse as the first woman to sit on Facebook’s board of directors along with being a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist

  • Sara Blakely: Net worth $1.1B, Ms. Blakely found her success through investors and brilliant business decisions to skyrocket the growth of her company Spanx.

  • Kylie Jenner: Net worth of $1B, Ms. Jenner may have started out as a reality TV star, but she is quite the entrepreneur with her Kylie Cosmetics business—a widely popular online product line for Gen Z/Millennial women alike

Challenges and Barriers

Not surprisingly, while women are starting/owning businesses in record numbers, they still face a number of challenges and barriers:

  1. Access to Funding: With only 1.9% of VC going to women-led startups--Women-owned businesses have a harder time securing funding and investment compared to businesses owned by men.

  2. Gender Bias: Women face bias, stereotyping, harassment, discrimination, and pay inequality in the workplace.

  3. Work-Life Balance: Women face additional challenges in balancing their work and family responsibilities, particularly if they are the primary caregivers.

  4. Lack of Representation: With only 7.4% of women as CEOs in Fortune 500 companies--women are underrepresented in leadership positions.

How You Can Help

Despite these challenges and barriers, you can support women entrepreneurs by:

  • Purchasing products or services from women-owned businesses.

  • Spreading the word and sharing information about a woman-owned business with your friends, family, and social media followers. This will help increase their visibility and attract new customers.

  • Leaving positive reviews on review websites or social media platforms to help boost a woman entrepreneur's credibility and reputation and help them attract new customers.

  • Following them on social media with likes, shares, and comments on their posts.

  • Invest in women-owned companies. There are many investment opportunities (venture capital firms, crowdfunding platforms, or impact investing funds), that prioritize supporting women-led businesses.

  • Volunteering, mentoring and/or organizing events with women's business organizations (National Association of Women Business Owners or Women's Business Enterprise National Council).

  • Collaborating with a woman entrepreneur on a project or venture to develop a new product or service, partnering on a joint marketing and/or outreach campaign.

By offering any form of support, we can help empower and uplift women entrepreneurs, and promote greater gender equality and diversity in the business world and society in general.

For help with marketing and branding for your woman-owned small business, email me at

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