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Welcome to our services page – your stepping stone to turning your business dreams into a thriving reality. Our array of customized services is designed with one goal in mind – to bolster your business growth and success.


From tailored consulting to insightful market analysis, innovative product development, impactful speaking engagements, and effective marketing campaigns, we’re here to navigate the complexities of business growth with you.


Ready to unleash your business potential? Dive in and discover how we can power your journey to success together!

Businss Conulting Services

Running a business can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. At Biz Made EZ, we understand the hurdles, and we're ready to jump them with you. Our business consulting services are designed to help you navigate the intricate maze of entrepreneurship.

Tailored Strategies and Expert Guidance

Every business is different, so should be the strategy to grow it. We believe in tailored solutions, which is why our services are custom fit to your business's specific needs.

In these meetings, we don't just talk; we take action. We work together to set achievable goals, identify growth opportunities, and map out clear action plans. Our expert guidance keeps you on track, ensuring each step you take is a stride toward business growth.

Biz Made EZ is more than a consulting firm; we're your partner in this journey of entrepreneurship. Let us take the complexities off your plate so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. Step into a future of growth and success, with Biz Made EZ.

Growth Architects:

Business Consulting Services

Business Consultants
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Product Development & Marketing Analysis Services Laptop
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In today's competitive landscape, innovative product development is the cornerstone of business growth and market expansion. However, without a data-driven approach and in-depth market understanding, this process can be overwhelming.

At Biz Made EZ, we offer comprehensive product development and market analysis services designed to turn your vision into a market-ready product. Our services bridge the gap between creativity and commerce, harnessing the power of meticulous research and astute business acumen.

Data-Driven Approach

We dig deep into your company-specific data, industry trends, and competitive landscape. This allows us to devise an effective product/service market approach and craft a robust digital marketing strategy, designed to place your new product on the fast track to success.

Client-Centric Collaboration

We don't just provide services; we foster partnerships. Working closely with you, we ensure your vision is at the heart of the product development process. Our goal is not just to launch a product, but to launch a product that resonates with your audience and makes a significant impact in the market.

With Biz Made EZ, you can navigate the complexities of product development and market analysis with ease and confidence. Let us help you stay competitive, expand your market reach, and secure your position ahead of the industry curve.

Product Development & Market Analysis Services

Market Mastery:

Product Development & Marketing Analysis

At Biz Made EZ, we understand the power of a resonating brand. It's more than just an aesthetic; it's an experience, an identity, a story waiting to be shared. That's why our Marketing and Branding Campaign services are dedicated to spotlighting your uniqueness, your vision, and your mission. 

Starting with the creative process, we take the time to understand you - what makes your business special and what sets you apart. We collaborate closely with you to design visually engaging, emotionally compelling, and intellectually stimulating concepts that align seamlessly with your brand's essence.

With strategy, our team becomes the mastermind behind your success. Using thorough market research, analysis of current trends, and a deep understanding of your audience's behavior, we create a detailed, step-by-step action plan.

The final step is implementation. This is where your brand story becomes a reality. We will guide you through the process of launching your campaign across multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive, unified brand message. Whether it's a social media blitz or a refined SEO campaign, we make sure your brand shines through.

Ready to let your brand light up the marketplace? Let's make it happen, together. With Biz Made EZ, marketing and branding is more than just a service - it's a journey of discovery, creativity, and achievement.

Make your business stand out. Illuminate your brand with Biz Made EZ.

Our Consortium 

To ensure success Biz Made EZ  works with a cache of world class talent who are each specialists in harnessing & integrating the power of branding and digital marketing. Together our team is formidable with years of experience and expertise. 

Content Marketing: 

Content marketing is the starting point for any digital marketing programs.  At Biz Made EZ our creators specialize in the written word as well as visual storytelling with photography and videography.

Website design: 

Biz Made EZ works with top-notch talent in the design and development of custom websites. Each website is built to showcase the brand, attract target audiences, create lead generation, and increase conversion rates.

Social Media & Digital Marketing: 

Our Biz Made EZ social media team offers paid and organic content designed to generate interest, clicks and conversions.  

Illuminate Your Brand:

Marketing and Branding Campaigns

Marketing & Branding Campaigns Idea Light Bulb
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Marketing & Branding Capaigns
Speaking Microphone
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In a world saturated with messages, only the genuine and interactive truly resonate. At Biz Made EZ, we believe in the transformative power of active engagement. Enter Debbie Goldfarb: not just a speaker, but a catalyst for creativity and innovation. Her interactive style ensures every talk isn't just heard, but felt and acted upon.


Expert Knowledge with Interactive Delivery:


Debbie Goldfarb, our founder, doesn't just talk – she engages. Known for turning complex business concepts into interactive sessions, she stimulates creative thinking and drives actionable insights. Whether addressing a conference, seminar, workshop, or an in-house event, she ensures every participant is actively involved, making learning both enjoyable and impactful.


Custom-Tailored Engagements:


No two audiences are the same, and neither are our sessions. We customize every talk, aligning with the expertise level of your audience, from business rookies to industry veterans. Covering a diverse range of topics from branding and market analysis to the newest tech-driven business solutions, we aim to enlighten, empower, and elevate your audience in the dynamic business landscape."

Conversations that Convert:

Speaking Services

Speaking Services
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